© Lade’s Internet Service, Inc. 2017 Rates Web Site Design Minimum cost for a nominal site is $500.  This would be a site consisting of 4-6 pages with photos, music (if desired), and a feedback/guestbook forms page.  You can estimate the cost of a more complex site by using a guideline of $100/page.  This varies depending upon the complexity of the pages involved. Web Site Maintenance We bill at $50/hour and keep time in 15 minute increments.  We round up to the nearest half hour and invoice at the end of each month, terms 30 days net. Web Site Marketing (We offer three Search Engine Marketing programs) RECOMMENDED PROGRAM Our recommended Search Engine program insures that your website gets placed and remains in the AskJeeves Index which powers many Search Engines on the Web. For example, MSN iWon, NBCi, HotBot, and Overture.  Your site will not be dropped from the index for a year and will be re-indexed weekly to keep your listing fresh. Besides the Inktomi partners listed above, your URL will be submitted to the other major Engines and if you are not already in the Open Directory submissions will be made to this directory as well. Program cost is $185.00/year. We recommend this program, in conjunction with our SEO program (see below) for maximum marketing effectiveness. BASIC PROGRAM Our basic Search Engine Update program involves  submitting one URL to the top engines each month for a one year period. Usually this URL is your index, default, or front page The annual fee is $125.00.  SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION With the SEO program we generate a Search Engine Position Report using up to 10 of your keywords and/or phrases and then do an analysis of your index (home) page. This bench-mark analysis provides the basis for making recommendations  (keywords, phrases, title, description and other changes) that will make your site more compatible with current Search Engine algorithms. Based on this report you or your webmaster  may then make strategic modifications to the site and its design to comply with current Search Engine preferences. Because of the changing nature of the Internet and the Search Engine Algorithms, we recommend that this analysis be conducted at least on an annual basis. The cost for this program is $300 for each Report and Analysis. Position Reports without the analysis are $50 each. All other marketing such as opt in email campaigns are billed at our usual $50/hour. Call us  for details. Other Costs In addition to the above items, the prospective internet site owner should realize that the site must be hosted by someone and that a domain name must be obtained.  Lade's Internet Service provides the hosting service as well.  Hosting rates for a non-secure site are $200/year. An additional $100/year is required if a secure server is required. this cost includes the SSL security certificate necessary to provide the high level encryption. The client may obtain his own domain name or we will assist in obtaining it.  Please call us for details. Top of Page LADE’S INTERNET SERVICE, INC. 2941 S.W. 10th Place Cape Coral FL 33914 239-560-1631 E-Mail: support@boblade.com