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Withso many Tarot readers on YouTube (and more showing up every day), it’s time to do a quick roundup of the best and most accurate Tarot readers on YouTube 2022.

I have a couple of ranking factors from the most popular to the most accurate and I wanted to talk (just a little) about how YouTube tarot spreads can work and (most importantly) how tofind the reader that works for you.

Finding the Best YouTube Tarot Reader

I’ve said this many times before butI say it because it’s important. There are no one-size-fits-all answers here. When choosing a reader you want:

  • Someone who shares the same beliefs as you about what the Tarot deckcan and can’t do.
  • Someone experienced enough to be able to read deeper than the simple meanings of the cards. The true guidance comes from the combination of an entire spread.
  • Someone genuine who can take the time to help.
  • Someone consistent who is able to help you in thelong run.

YouTube spreads certainly have advantages, but (if you haven’t already got one), I also do free Tarot readings that likely tick most, if not all, of these boxes for you.

Best Tarot Channels

The shameless plug!

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You can see the Tarot Guru channel here!

You can of course subscribe to The Tarot Guru channel! Especially if you resonate with how I like to use the Tarot, you might love the readings I put out.

From timeless messages to pick a card spreads and really just whatever the spirit guides me towards. I let my intuition guide me on the messages people need to hear.

We’re going to look at a lot more older channels but you can’t blame me for being biased towards my own channel. 😉 This list is in no particular order nothing on this list has been sponsored and I have no affiliation with these readers.

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Shonnetta’s Divine Tarot

You can see Shonnetta’s channel here!

One of the more interesting Tarot YouTubers out there. Shonnetta publishes Tarot readings on various topics every couple of weeks and covers some other spiritual based topics on top of that.

She does a lot oftimeless messages which means the spread might be relevant to you (no matter when you find it) and her videos and readings are full of a lot of very unique energy.

13 of the Best Tarot Readers on YouTube 2022 - Tarot Guru (3)

Charmed Intuition Tarot Channel

You can see the channel here!

Unlike a lot of the other channels on this list, Charmed Intuition only puts out a couple of readings a month (rather thanevery day in some cases). Their focus is on longer videos but they are mostlypick a card readings so you don’t need to watch the entire video.

They have a really fun style to the videos and they’re very popular but they’re also not the most consistent so it really depends on how often you would like to see a YouTube Tarot reading in your feed.

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Pick-A-Card Tarot Readings

You can see their channel too!

Similar to the previous one,most of their videos are focused on picking a card or a symbol and only watching that part of the video. They are community readings and you can take what serves you and leave the rest. They publish a couple of videos a month and their Tarot spreads cover a range of specific topics every couple of weeks.

TheMost Popular Tarot Reader on YouTube in 2022

13 of the Best Tarot Readers on YouTube 2022 - Tarot Guru (5)

I think this has to go to ALI’s Tarot.

This isn’t to say that it also isn’t one of thebest channels out there but I do get asked specifically for themost popular.

While they don’t offer personal readings, they do offer extended readings andare probably the most consistent reader on YouTube. They doso many readings and break it down for each individual star sign as well as some readings forall signs.

The videos tend to be shorter and lack some of the flashier effects of other channels but they’re clearly very experienced with the Tarot and don’t hold back with their spreads. The hard work and effort they’ve been putting in is paying off as their channel seems to be growingvery quickly.

Picking the Most Accurate Tarot Reader on YouTube

There are alot of very talented readers out there and I just couldn’t possibly cover everyone on this list as much as I’d like to. I picked readers for this list by the same criteria as I’d pick them for myself. Maybe with a little more flexibility about how they approach the cards but, for the most part, I like the channels listed here.

It’s hard to say for certain who themost accurate is. Again, there is no one-size-fits-all approach and you might want to check out my Does Tarot Tell the Truth? get to getting a better understanding of how the cards work (and how you can make the most of them).

Do Tarot Readings on YouTube Work?

Themajority of YouTube Tarot readings are not the same as meeting with a reader one-on-one. Most of them are making videos for hundreds, thousands of evenhundreds of thousands of people. So each video is generallynot made for just one individual person.

This doesn’t take away from the use of the guidance of the cards, however. Whether it’s a community reading or apick a pile reading (very common on YouTube) the guidance of the cards can still help you no differently than if you were there with the reader in person.

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13 of the Best Tarot Readers on YouTube 2022 - Tarot Guru (2024)
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