Fee Schedule for Construction Permits-Structures (2024)


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November 2022

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  • When Fees are Paid
  • Submittal Fees
  • Issuance Fees
  • Enhanced/Optional Services
  • Other Fees
  • Fire Permits
  • Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing/Gas Permits
  • Demolition, Removal Permit Fees
  • Sign Permit Fees
  • Miscellaneous Items Plan Check and Inspection Fees
  • Water/Sewer Plan Check Fees
  • References

This Information Bulletin lists the fees collected by the City of San Diego for construction permits for structures (building permits). Also listed are some, but not all, fees that may be required from agencies other than the City of San Diego. The tables within this bulletin are designed to assist applicants in estimating construction permit fees. For project submittal requirements, see Project Submittal Requirements, Section 2.

When Fees Are Paid

The fees associated with Building Permits may be collected during different points of the permitting process: at project submittal, during review, at permit issuance, and during inspection. There are also enhanced/optional services for which fees are collected.

The following sections of this fee bulletin describe what fees are collected and when in the process they are collected. The following fees are required to be paid prior to review unless otherwise indicated below. For your convenience, DSD offers on-line payments through OpenDSD. Payment may also be made in person by cash, check, debit card, Visa or Master credit cards. Checks shall be in the exact amount, drawn on US banks, and made payable to the “City Treasurer.” Please note that plan check fees and some administrative fees are non-refundable. Inspection fees may be refundable. See Refund Policy noted within Refund Application Form DS-721 for additional refund information.

Submittal Fees

  • General Plan Maintenance Fee

This fee provides funding for the maintenance of the City’s General Plan and is collected on behalf of the Planning Department. It is non-refundable and is collected once per project at the time of application. Projects that do not require plan review are not subject to the fee.

General Plan Maintenance Fee$528.00
  • Mapping Fee

This fee is collected to fund automation efforts and on-line GIS data and mapping for Development Services. It is charged when there are plans, drawings, maps or other geographical documents utilized for project review.

Mapping Fee$10.00
  • Plan Check Fees

Fee Tables 501A, 501B, 501C and 501D list the plan check fees. This information is taken from the plans at project submittal. The information is then verified during project review and updated as appropriate. Changes made during project review may result in additional plan check fees which may require payment prior to subsequent reviews.

Issuance Fees

The following fees are collected at the time of issuance for all permits.

  • Inspection Fee

Fee tables 501A, 501B, and 501C list the inspection fees which are collected at the time of permit issuance. This information is taken from the plans at permit issuance. The information is then verified during inspection and updated as appropriate. Changes made during inspections may result in additionalinspection fees which may require payment prior to subsequent inspections.

  • Records Fee

This fee is assessed for all projects at issuance to recover the cost of imaging and archiving the documents in Records.

Records Fee - No Plan Permits$35.48
Records Fee - Single Family/Duplex$54.41
Records Fee - Non-Residential/Multifamily:
Without Calculations/Report
With Calculations/Reports

  • Construction and Demolition (C&D) Debris Recycling Deposit

A refundable C&D Debris Recycling Deposit may be required at permit issuance and is collected on behalf of the Environmental Services Department. The purpose of the deposit is to encourage diversion of construction and demolition debris from our local landfills and to ensure they get recycled by recycling, reusing or donating usable materials. The deposit schedule is listed on the Construction and Demolition (C&D) Debris Recycling Fact Sheet posted on the Environmental Services Department website. If a C&D Deposit is required, a completed Waste Management Form Part 1 must be provided.

  • Lead Hazard Prevention & Control

A $51.00 cost recovery, regulatory fee is collected on behalf of the Environmental Services Department for all building and demolition permits for structures built before 1979 for the purpose of meeting operational expenses associated with education, outreach and enforcement of the Lead Hazard Prevention and Control Ordinance (City Council Resolution R-303490)

  • State of California
    • State/Seismic Fee - Public Resources Code Section 2705 requires that the City collect a fee for the State of California’s strong-motion instrumentation program for the purpose of administering the program and of acquiring strong-motion instruments and installing and maintaining such instruments as needed in representative geologic environments and structures throughout the state. The fee is assessed at 13 cents per $1,000 estimated valuation on all permits for construction of single or multifamily structures one or two stories high. The charge is 28 cents per $1,000 estimated valuation for multifamily construction three stories or higher and for permits on nonresidential construction. For valuation determination, see Information Bulletin 101, Building Valuation Schedule.
    • Building Standards Fee - Health & Safety Code Section 18931.6 requires that the City collect a fee on all building permits for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of the State Building Standards Law and provisions of State Housing Law that relate to building standards. The fee will be used for the development, adoption, publication, updating, and educational efforts associated with green building standards, and is assessed at the rate of four dollars ($4) per one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) in valuation, with appropriate fractions thereof, but not less than one dollar ($1.00). “Appropriate fractions thereof” is interpreted to be $1.00 per every twenty-five thousand ($25,000) in valuation.
  • County Water Authority

The San Diego County Water Authority (CWA) is a separate agency from the City of San Diego which supplies raw water to the region. They may charge a capacity fee when a new water meter is installed.

This fee is based upon the size of the water meter. A fee schedule is available at www.sdcwa.org. County Water Authority fees are collected through the Development Services Department.

  • School Fees/Deposits

A school fee may be assessed by the local school district(s) for new construction. DSD Information Bulletin 146, School Fees, provides information about school fee requirements, how the fees are calculated, and how to pay school fees to the school district prior to permit issuance.

  • Impact Fees

Public Facilities Planning collects certain impact fees as part of land development within the City of San Diego. Impact fees are paid at building permit issuance. For information regarding the Impact Fee Schedule, Demolition Credit Requirements, or the process to waive, adjust, or reduce the Development Impact Fees (DIF), contact Public Facilities Planning at (619) 533-3670 or planning@sandiego.gov.

  • DIF are charged for development in all Urbanized and Proposition A Lands. In some cases, these fees may be deferred; see Fee Deferral Program.
  • Regional Transportation Congestion Improvement Program Fees (RTCIP) are applicable to new residential development throughout most communities in the city.
  • Housing Trust Fund Fees (HTF) are applicable to all new non-residential development, additions or interior remodeling to accommodate a change from the structure’s current use.
  • All private, non-residential permit valuation over certain thresholds (SDMC §26.0714) are to submit a setaside for public art enhancement. This threshold is revised annually, January 1 of each year. Please reference the in-lieu Public Art Fee, or Civic Enhancement Allocation, on the City of San Diego websitefor the latest threshold amount. Prior to building issuance and for more information about Art in Private Development Projects, please contact the Commission for Arts and Culture at (619) 236-6808 to discuss alternatives to comply with the Public Art Ordinance.

A $151.00 hourly plan check fee may be added to all building permit projects for the calculation and assessment of impact fees. Typically, Facilities Financing project reviews may take approximately one hour or less; however, more complex projects or projects with incomplete information may require additional review time.

  • Water & Sewer Plan Check Fees

Development Services assesses a Water and Sewer Plan Check Fee when a water and sewer review of any type is performed. The fee is based upon a combination of the number of Equivalent Dwelling Units (EDU) being reviewed and whether or not a change is being made to a meter. The plan check fee is based per EDU and is charged for both irrigation as well as domestic meters. For the purposes of assessing these fees, 20 fixture units are given a value of one EDU. Table 501D lists Water and Sewer plan check fees.

  • Water & Sewer Capacity Fees

Water and Sewer Capacity Fees are collected on behalf of the Public Utilities Department and are determined during the plan review process. A capacity fee is collected for the maintenance/operation of present water and sewer facilities, as well as future expansion. Water and sewer capacity fees are calculated by Equivalent Dwelling Unit (EDU). Capacity fees can be deferred. For further information,contact Public Utilities at (858) 614-5764. See “Schedule for Water and Sewer Fees” for a list of water and sewer capacity fees.

  • Water & Sewer Installation Fees

Water services and sewer lateral installation fees associated with new construction are collected on behalf of the Public Utilities Department and are determined during the building permit plan review process. See “Schedule for Water and Sewer Fees” for water and sewer services, including potable and reclaimed water for the City of San Diego. A Water Meter Data Card (DS-16) is used to determine the correct size required for water meter, service and sewer lateral.

  • Storm Water High Priority & Areas of Special Biological Significance (ASBS) Inspection Fee

The Regional Water Quality Control Board requires weekly or biweekly Storm Water Inspections on large projects and projects in close proximity to sensitive biological water resources. During plan review all projects are classified as ASBS, High, Medium or Low Priority with regards to their storm water discharge risk. Projects identified as Storm Water High Priority or ASBS are assessed a fee to meet the additional inspections. This fee covers the first four (4) Storm Water Inspections performed beyond normal inspections. If more than four (4) additional Storm Water Inspections are required, additional Storm Water Inspection Fee will be assessed by inspection staff.

Storm Water Inspections (Up to four)$1,010.70

Enhanced/Optional Services

  • Project Management Services

In order to accommodate the needs of the industry, a ministerial Development Project Manager (DPM) will be assigned to complex projects or when an applicant requests a customized review or approval process. A DPM will be the point of contact for the applicant, but any member of the review team can be contacted directly concerning plan review on specific items such as building codes, planning or public improvement requirements. DPMs are available to handle complex scheduling issues and coordination between the reviewers and inspectors and to assist customers with the following:

  • Facilitating pre-submittal meetings and multi-discipline preliminary reviews
  • Determining the submittal requirements, project fees and distribution
  • Coordinating concurrent processing with Development Project Managers managing the discretionary portion of the project
  • Managing the portion of the project schedule that relates to the Development Services Department review and approval process
  • Providing conflict resolution services
  • Coordinating issuance of the ministerial permit
  • Coordinating pre-construction meetings
  • Facilitating temporary certificate of occupancy

A DPM will also be assigned to projects when an applicant requests a customized review or approval process. It is to be noted that assigning a DPM will not guarantee the request will be allowed to proceed. All requests shall be submitted and approved prior to acceptance of any construction documents. Applicants also have the option of requesting a DPM to be assigned to their project.

  • Express Plan Check Fees

When available, a reduced review period can be accomplished by paying an Express Plan Check Administration Fee of $792.34 plus 1.5 times regular plan check fee (or 1.5 times the hourly rate, when applicable).

Other Fees

  • Affordable Housing In-Lieu Fees

The City of San Diego’s Inclusionary Housing Ordinance requires all new residential development of two units or more to provide affordable housing or pay a fee in lieu of providing affordable housing units. See information Bulletin 532, Information Regarding Inclusionary Housing for more information, including the in-lieu fees.

  • Plan Change Fee

Changes to approved plans (after permit issuance) must be reviewed. A non-refundable plan check fee must be paid at the hourly rate (See ‘Hourly rate of services not covered above’) at the time of issuance of the construction change. For additional information, see Information Bulletin 118, How to Process Changes to Approved Plans.

  • Hourly Rate for Services Not Covered In the Fee Tables
Plan Review:
Application Extension—Project
Permit Extension
Combined Review
Electrical Review
Engineering Review
Geology Review
Historic Review
Mechanical Review
Noise Review
Planning Review
Project Management
Structural Review

Inspection Fees:
Combo Inspection
Electrical Inspection
Mechanical Inspection
Structural Inspection
Fire Inspection
Landscape Inspection
Guaranteed Inspection*
Before / After Hours*
Same Day*
Weekend / Holiday*

*See Information Bulletin 120 for a description
  • Traffic Study Fee

Building Permit projects that require review of a Traffic Study will be assessed an additional plan check fee of $1,100.69.

  • Addressing Fee

The addressing fee for the assignment of a new standard building address associated with a building plan check is $98.86 per address assigned.

  • Fee Collection - Other Agencies / Departments

A $14.75 fee is charged for fees collected by the Development Services Department for other departments/agencies (e.g., water/sewer fees, Affordable Housing In-lieu, construction debris recycling, State fees, lead hazard fee). The fee is charged at permit issuance, and once per project.

Fire Permits

Additional fees are charged for fire protection systems, including fire sprinklers, fire alarms and kitchen hood suppression system. For Fire Permit fees, see Information Bulletin 506, Fee Schedule for Fire Permits.

Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing/Gas Permits

Additional fees are charged for specific electrical, mechanical and plumbing/gas installations for multifamily and nonresidential construction projects (see Information Bulletin 103, Fee Schedule for Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing/Gas Permits). Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing/Gas Permits can be obtained at the same time the building permit is issued. This fee schedule can also be used for single family, duplex and townhome projects that only involve electrical, mechanical or plumbing/gas work without any building permit work.

Demolition, Removal Permit Fees

See Information Bulletin 710, Permit Instructions, Procedures for Building Demolition/Removal.

Sign Permit Fees

See Information Bulletin 111, How to Obtain a Permit for Signs.

Table 501A - Building Plan Check & Inspections

Project Type 1,2Base Sq. Ft.3Plan Check6InspectionIncrement Sq. Ft.
BaseRateIncrement RateBaseRateIncrement Rate
High Rise1$44,522.58-$21,060.99--
Multi Dwelling Unit1$12,513.55-$4,734.81--
Multi Dwelling Unit, Addition1$3,552.95-$2,390.27--
Multi Dwelling Unit RemodelUse Tenant Improvementor Res-MDU Remodel fee
Non-Residential, Addition1$2,708.91-$2,390.27--
Parking Garage1$12,230.24-$4,526.77--
Research & Development /Laboratories1$14,639.71-$5,761.75--
Single Dwelling Unit /Duplex1$4,925.15-$3,424.57--
Single Dwelling Unit /Duplex - Each Identical Unit4First Add’l Unit$2,651.45Use Rates Above
Subsequent Units (Each)$224.27Use Rates Above
Single Dwelling Unit/Duplex Addition/Remodel (Minor)51$551.83-$1,523.06--
Single Dwelling Unit/Duplex Addition/Remodel1$1,484.33-$1,523.06--
Single Dwelling Unit
Factory- Built House/Manufactured Home
Tenant Improvement1$1,062.36-$734.79--
Tenant Improvement To Occupy Shell1$2,285.50-$1,102.19--
Tenant Improvement Restaurant1$2,438.97-$917.76--
Tenant Improvement Research & Development/ Laboratories1$1,621.56-$1,836.98--
Townhomes Each Identical Structure4-$379.20-Use Rates Above
Warehouse/Self-Storage Facilities1$8,003.00-$4,159.37--
Repetitive structure Non-Residential or Multi Dwelling Unit6Each$3,277.04-Use Rates Above

1Fees are based upon the use as defined by the California Building Code (CBC). For mixed use buildings (e.g., residential/commercial projects), fees will be applied based upon the square footage of each use within the structure.

High Rise - Any building having occupied floors 75’ or more above the lowest floor level having building access, regardless of occupancy type.
Tenant Improvement to Occupy Shell - This fee will be used for a building permit that is required to allow a new shell building or space to be occupied.

3For square footages between base square footages, multiply increment rate by square footage over increment square footage and add to base rate. For example, for a 5,500-sq.ft. business use project, the plan check fee would be calculated as $7,983.82 + (2,500 x $0.52) = $9,283.82.

4Each identical structure - This fee will be charged when repetitive single-dwelling unit, duplex or townhomes are identical and are submitted at the same time. The applicable inspection fee will be charged for each structure based on size of the building.

5These fees apply to additions and remodels of single dwelling units and duplexes that qualify for rapid review (over the counter review) per Information Bulletin 140.

6The Repetitive structures fee will be charged when repetitive multi-dwelling unit or non-residential structures are identical and are submitted at the same time. The applicable inspection fee will be charged for each structure based on CBC use and size of the building.

Table 501B - Partial Permit Plan Check & Inspection

Project Type 1,2,3Base Sq. Ft.3Plan Check6InspectionIncrement Sq. Ft.
Base RateIncrement RateBase RateIncrement Rate
Foundation & Frame1$20,519.51-$6,731.13--
Buildout Non-Residential41$14,900.86-$10,037.69--
Buildout Residential MDU to Occupy41$22,244.33-$8,200.71--
High Rise Foundation1$12,268.61-$4,526.77--
High Rise Frame1$15,800.91-$10,288.52--
High Rise Foundation & Frame1$25,845.99-$5,628.95--
High Rise Shell1$31,126.71-$8,200.71--
High Rise Buildout41$5,373.70--

1Fees are based upon the use as defined by the California Building Code. For mixed use buildings (e.g., residential and commercial projects), fees will be applied based upon the square footage of each use within the structure.

Foundation - Footings and slab on grade: Does not include the basem*nt walls for a subterranean structure such as a parking garage.
Frame - The structural frame of a building without the cladding/skin or interior partitions.
Buildout Non-Residential- Skin/cladding for previously permitted Frame + Foundation structure. This permit would turn the structure to a shell building which has to obtain separate tenant improvement building permits to occupy.
Buildout Residential to Occupy - This fee will be used for a building permit that is required for a previously permitted Foundation + Frame residential structure to be occupied.
Shell - A building which has to obtain separate tenant improvement permits to occupy.
High Rise - Any building having occupied floors 75’ or more above the lowest floor level having building access, regardless of occupancy type.

3For square footages between base square footages, multiply increment rate by square footage over increment square footage and add to base rate. For example, for a 100,000 square foot high rise shell, the plan check fee would be calculated as $31,126.71+ (50,000 x $.07) $3,500.00 = $34,626.71.

4 Additional plan check fees will be charged for buildout of all High-Rise buildings regardless of use, and is in addition to the "Commercial Build-Out" and/or "Residential Build-Out to Occupy

Table 501C—Miscellaneous Items Plan Check and Inspection

Project TypeUnitPlan CheckInspection
Base RateEach Add’lBase RateEach Add’l
AntennaFirst 5$1,649.58-$1,293.99-
6 or more$1,978.61-$1,662.86-
Antenna with Screening/SkirtingFirst 5$2,309.13-$1,479.91-
6 or more$2,638.16-$1,848.78-
AwningEach 5$1,206.95$541.50$370.34$184.44
CanopiesEach 5$1,206.95$541.50$370.34$184.44
Carport Up to 500 sq. ft.2Each$1,071.19-$739.21-
Carport 501-3000 sq. ft.2Each$1,730.74-$1,479.91-
Carport >3000 sq. ft.2Each$3,138.35-$3,142.77-
Commercial Coach2Each$1,441.55-$1,465.14-
Deck-City Standard (SDU/DUP/TH)Each Building$317.22-$739.21-
Deck (SDU/DUP/TH) (Each)Up to 500 sq. ft.$793.81-$739.21-
>500 sq. ft.$1,770.56-$739.21-
Deck (Non-Residential/MDU)Each Building$1,770.56-$739.21-
Demolition – Partition OnlyEach Building$237.56-$370.34-
Door/Window – New (SDU/DUP/TH)Each Building$264.11-$370.34-
Door/Window – New (Non-Res/MDU)Each 3$777.59$329.04$553.31$184.44
Door/Window – Replacement in KindEach BuildingHourly3-$370.34-
Equipment Pad, On GradeEach$649.21-$370.34-
Equipment Pad, On Floor or RoofEach Building$1,108.10-$553.31-
Fence/Wall, Non-Masonry5< 8’ high, per 100 LF$568.07$354.12$845.45$184.44
8’-10’ high, per 100 LF$733.71$354.12$1,031.36$184.44
>10’ high, per 100 LF$945.77$354.12$1,215.79$184.44
Fence/Wall, Masonry/Concrete, City StdEach 100 LF$386.57-$553.31$184.44
Fence/Wall, Masonry/Concrete5< 8’ high, per 100 LF$920.69$517.89$1,215.79$184.44
8’-10’ high, per 100 LF$1,251.20$517.89$1,401.71$184.44
>10’ high, per 100 LF$1,628.93$683.15$1,586.14$184.44
Fireplace, No Calculations (Prefab)2Each$271.48-$739.21-
Fireplace, With Calculations2Each$886.71-$739.21-
Foundation Repair – ConventionalEach Building$1,361.88-$616.74-
Foundation Repair – Special DesignEach Building$1,814.84-$740.68-
Garage/Storage-SDU/DUP/THEach 500 sq. ft.$541.50-$1,109.57$401.32
Garage/Storage-Non-Res/MDU (< 3,000 sf)1Each 500 sq. ft.$2,083.39$329.04$739.21$370.34
Partition – Non-ResidentialEach 50 LF$382.15$154.92$553.31$184.44
Partition – ResidentialEach 30 LF$119.51$23.61$296.58$147.55
Patio Cover – Pre-Approved/City Std2Each$666.91-$739.21-
Patio Cover – Custom (SDU /DUP/TH)2Each$995.95-$739.21-
Patio Cover – Custom (Non-Res/ MDU)2Each$1,279.24-$739.21-
PoleFirst 10$1,437.12-$553.31-
Each add’l 10---$184.44
11 or more$1,648.10---
Pole with ElectricalFirst 10$1,932.89-$739.21-
Each add’l 10---$370.34
11 or more$1,977.15---
Pool/Spa Non-Res/MDU - CustomEach$3,005.56-$739.21-
Pool/Spa, Private - CustomEach$2,346.01-$739.21-
Pool/Spa, Private – Per Master PlanEach$368.87-$739.21-
Pool/Spa, Public – Per Master PlanEach$1,686.48-$739.21-
Repair Due to Re-pipe, MDUEach 3 units--$370.34$184.44
Repair Due to Re-pipe, Non-ResidentialEach Building--$370.34-
Repair Due to Re-pipe, SDU/DUP/THEach Unit--$370.34-
Repair/Replace In Kind, MDUEach Building--$1,109.57-
Repair/Replace In Kind, Non-ResidentialEach Building--$1,108.10-
Repair/Replace In Kind, SDU/DUP/THEach Unit--$739.21-
Retaining Wall, City StandardEach 50 LF$748.06$143.13$1,031.36$184.44
Retaining Wall, With Calculations5< 8’ high, per 50 LF$2,093.70$261.16$1,031.36$184.44
Retaining Wall, With Calculations58’-12’ high, per 50 LF$2,939.15$261.16$1,215.79$184.44
Retaining Wall, With Calculations5>12’ high, per 50 LF$3,408.35$143.13$1,401.71$184.44
Roof Re-sheathing, Non-Res/MDUEach BuildingHourly4-$370.34-
Roof Re-sheathing, SDU/DUP/THEach BuildingHourly4-$370.34-
Roof Structure ReplacementEach 2,000 sq. ft$1,391.37$329.04$553.31$184.44
Sidewalk CaféEach$1,319.08-$278.86-
Siding/Stucco/VeneerEach 1,000 sq. ft$377.71$165.24$739.21$184.44
Skylight w/Structural Modifications ResidentialEach 3$485.42$485.42$370.34$370.34
Skylight w/o Structural Modifications ResidentialEach 3$156.39$156.39$370.34$370.34
Skylight w/ Structural Modifications Non-ResidentialEach 3$805.61$805.61$370.34$370.34
Skylight w/o Structural Modifications Non-ResidentialEach 3$311.33$311.33$370.34$370.34
Spa, Pre-Fab, Above Ground, PrivateEach$368.87-$553.31-
Spa, Pre-Fab, Above Ground, PublicEach$665.45-$553.31-
Spa, Pre-Fab, In Ground, PrivateEach$665.45-$739.21-
Spa, Pre-Fab, In Ground, PublicEach$994.48-$739.21-
Storage RacksEach Type$1012.19$354.12--
First 100 LF--$553.31-
Each add’l 200 LF---$184.44
Repetitive Structures2Each$237.56$237.56--

1 For garages greater than 3,000 square feet, use Parking Garage fees in Table 501A.

2 The repetitive structure plan check fee will be charged when repetitive structures in Table 501C are identical and are submitted at the same time. The applicable inspection fee will be charge for each structure.

3 If plans are required per Information Bulletins 203, Repair/Replacement In-Kind Permits, plan check fees will be charged hourly.

4 If plans are required per Information Bulletin 123, Renewal of Roof Coverings, plan check fees will be charged hourly.

5 Fences, walls or retaining walls with varying heights will be calculated using the greatest wall height.

Table 501D– Water/Sewer Plan Check Fees

Project TypeIncrementBase RateIncrement Rate
Non-Residential and Multi-Dwelling Unit, New Water MeterUp to 3 EDUs$743.64
Up to 4 EDUs$976.77
Each add'l EDU (or fraction thereof)$22.13
Non-Residential and Multi-Dwelling Unit, No Water Meter ChangeUp to 3 EDUs$ 511.98
Up to 4 EDUs$743.64
Each add'l EDU (or fraction thereof)$22.13
SDU/Duplex/Townhome, New Meter and UpgradeEDU$ 511.98
Add-on Items - When the project includes any of the items below, an additional fee will be assessed
New Backflow PreventerEach$116.56
Per Floor (Above 3 Levels)Each Floor$47.21
Restaurant KitchenPer Kitchen$69.35


  • Land Development Manual, Project Submittal Requirements
  • Building Valuation Schedule (IB-101)
  • Fee Schedule for Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing/Gas Permit (IB-103)
  • How to Obtain a Permit for Signs (IB-111)
  • How to Obtain and Permit Residential Master Plans (IB-114)
  • How to Process Changes to Approved Plans (IB-118)
  • Project Inspections (IB-120)
  • School Fees (IB-146)
  • Fee Schedules for Fire Permits (IB-506)
  • Information Regarding Inclusionary Housing (IB-532)
  • Permit Instructions, Procedures for Building Demolition/Removal (IB-710)
  • Water Meter Data Card(DS-16)
  • Refund Application for Construction Permit(DS-721)
  • Deposit Account/Financially Responsible Party(DS-3242)
Fee Schedule for Construction Permits-Structures (2024)
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