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We’ll be honest.

Getting started in the world of proprietary trading can be daunting. Even if you’re experienced, it’s still an exhilarating process.

But when you’re given the right tools, or in this case, the right proprietary trading firm the funding opportunities can be incredible.

You could easily become a full-time forex trader and start trading professionally.

However, when you’re given the wrong tools for the job, it can seem impossible to pass the funding evaluations.

So at Prop Firm Match, we want to help you find the ideal firm for you.

Let’s get into it:

  • Understanding Proprietary Trading
  • The Role of Prop Firms
  • Key Features of
  • Factors to Consider in Prop Firm Selection
  • Using Effectively
  • How You Can Use It Now
  • FAQs

Understanding Proprietary Trading

What is Proprietary Trading

Proprietary trading, otherwise known as prop trading, is a system where traders are given access to a firm’s capital to trade with to try and generate consistent profits for the trader and the firm.

Many prop firms exist in today’s world giving traders hundreds of opportunities, rules, and requirements to choose from which you can easily compare at Prop Firm Match.

Benefits of Proprietary Trading

There are several advantages to prop trading such as having easy access to advanced trading technology, significant profit potential, and more independence for traders.

Oftentimes, the biggest problem for traders is the fear that comes with trading their own capital. When they are given the capital of someone else, it can help alleviate some of this fear and give them some peace of mind.

This lets them trade at their peak potential so they’re able to execute and profit to their true potential.

The Role of Prop Firms

Explaining Proprietary Trading Firms

Prop firms typically provide talented traders with the infrastructure, capital, and support they need to succeed as traders truly.

Many times, traders are limited by the conditions they’re set in or their environment which may not provide them with all the tools they need.

Proprietary trading firms help solve this issue and bridge the gap for them.

How Prop Firms Operate

Proprietary trading firms typically operate on a profit-sharing model, where traders receive a portion of the profits generated from their trades.

Some offer training programs, risk management tools, and access to proprietary trading algorithms.

Of course, each firm places a different level of importance on the courses and education they provide, but in today’s world, it’s typical to see at least some form of education offered by them.

Key Features of

How Can We Help You?

At Prop Firm Match, we’re an online platform that connects traders with proprietary trading firms that match their trading style, preferences, and objectives.

We give traders access to a comprehensive database of prop firms, along with tools to streamline the selection process such as filtering by many metrics as well as seeing funded trader reviews.

Benefits of Using

Using our tools at makes choosing a prop firm a breeze.

You can easily see user reviews of firms, trading capital policies, payout structure, as well as many more similar metrics in an intuitive, easy-to-use software.

Plus, when you use our tool, you can accumulate reward points that can be used at a future date to redeem free challenges. (Sweet!)

Factors to Consider in Prop Firm Selection

Trading Strategy Compatibility

It’s crucial when you’re selecting a prop firm, to ensure that your trading strategy is even compatible with the firm’s terms of service.

Some may disallow high-frequency trading, holding a position overnight, or trading during important news events,

Risk Management Policies

Almost every firm has a different methodology for mitigating risk for both you and themself.

Some may offer more advanced technology than others. Some may also offer stricter or more lenient policies regarding your drawdown limits.

Technology and Infrastructure

Does the prop firm use the same platform as you?

Do they use the same software and market data providers as you?

How comfortable are you with their ecosystem?

These are all questions you should ask yourself before you commit to a firm and purchase a challenge from them which you can do at to earn some juicy reward points.

Using Effectively

We offer many tools to traders, but our most popular is the Comparison Tool. Traders can simply click a few buttons and move a couple of sliders to choose the minimum and maximum for many statistics.

This includes;

  • Max allocation
  • Max drawdown
  • Highest reviews
  • Profit splits
  • Payout frequencies
  • Trading platforms
  • Financial instruments
  • etc…

How You Can Use It Now

Head to and first select the asset class you would like to trade.

Afterwards, choose the account size, number of steps, and whether you only want challenges running an account promotion.

Then simply scroll down and view the table with neatly organized challenges following all your requirements.

If you need more customization, no problem. Our detailed comparison tools are located right above the table where tons more factors can be filtered.

After that, hit the shopping cart button next to the challenge that appeals to you and purchase it confidently knowing we’ve got you covered.


Which prop firm is the best?

The answer is subjective as the best prop firm really depends on individual preferences, trading style, and objectives. It’s important to find a firm that gives you exactly what you’re looking for.

Is FTMO the best prop firm?

FTMO is a very popular prop firm, known for its security, reliability, and community. Whether it's the best prop firm for you depends on various factors such as your trading strategy and risk tolerance.

What is a prop firm?

A prop firm or a proprietary trading firm gives traders the firm’s capital to trade with, instead of their own. They often give traders access to resources, technology, and support to execute trades profitably.

What is the difference between a prop trading firm and a hedge fund?

Both prop trading firms and hedge funds engage in trading, but they differ in their sources of capital and trading objectives. Prop trading firms give capital to traders, while hedge funds manage investors' funds and aim to profit from them.

Your Gateway to Trading Success | Prop Firm Match (2024)
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